Youth Activities

The purpose of the Gate City United Methodist Youth Fellowship is the pursuit
of the person of Jesus Christ and learning to love one another.

Pictures Coming Soon!!

This is our Youth Group. Here are our members in no particular order:

    Courtney Colobro.     Jon Britt.     Jeremy Houseright.     Jonas Houseright.     Ashley Osborne.     Jared Beasley.
    Jessica Herron.     Cara Waldo.     Jessica Cassell.     Sarah McArthur.     Amanda Whitley.     Mandy Rhoton.
    Eric Wininger.     Jared Wininger.     Brad Bateman.     Darci Bateman.     Matt Quillen.     Nathan Shreve.
    Jenna Falin.     Melissa Page.     Sarah Fugate.     Zeke Fugate.     Rob St.Clair.     Hunter Lane.     Beth Dougherty.     Aundrea DePriest.     Lindsey DePriest.     Melissa Burgess.     Melanie Burgess.    Justin Seaver.    Justin Woods

Here are our counselors:

             Pictues Coming Soon!
                                  Pictures Coming Soon!
                            Tom and Margie Beasley                                                        Dan and Sharon Waldo

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